When You Should Order a Land Survey in Australia


If you plan to buy a block of land, you need to have it surveyed. If you have made this decision, you need to consider a number of issues when making this type of purchase. For example, if you plan to live on the land, you will need to know what services, such as gas, sewerage, water, and electricity are available and where they are located. You need this information before you make a commitment to a transaction.

Seek the Required Approval Before You Build on the Land

You also need to gain approval if you want to build on the land. Before you build any type of structure, whether it is a house, dam, road, or shed, you need to obtain development permission for the construction. Find out if any issues may prevent you from adding a building to the land. Talk to the local town planning council to obtain the necessary details.

What About the Easements or Rights-of-Way?

By contacting a land surveyor, you can also find out more information about rights-of-way or easements. For example, what parties have a right to access the land, such as a water or electricity authority. The authority may need to maintain its equipment. An easement can impact where you can build or cannot build on real estate.

Are There Any Covenants?

If you plan to build on the land, you will also have to check for any covenants. These mandates may place restrictions on the building materials you can use or the land’s development. For instance, if a block of land is close to a public facility, such as an airport or busy roadway, you may need to add double-glazed glass to your home. This is done to reduce the noise, but can also cost you more money.

Have the Soil Tested as Well

Besides having the land surveyed, you may want to have the soil tested. If you wish to build, you need to know more about the ground so you can add the right foundation. A soil test can increase the amount you pay to install a foundation. If the land is sloped, too, you need to consider how this factor may increase the construction costs.

What About the Neighbouring Properties?

As you can see, you need to review a number of factors when you buy land and plan to build on it. Not only do you need to order a survey, you need to check what properties border the land and if you may run into any issues in this respect. For example, if you see a vacant lot next to the land, you need to check and see if any proposals for building on the lot may affect your future building plans. You will also need to survey the land to see if the land’s dimensions match those on the plan for the property.

Resolve Any Possible Disputes

Once you have had the land surveyed, you can move onto buying the land, if you are still interested. This part of the process can become involved as well. By relying on a survey, you can resolve any possible disputes or issues before you offer to buy the property.